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21 OPEN 

 6,3m – 6,6m | 20’6” – 21’6”



18-open-unique hydraulic hard top

Unique Patented Hydraulic Hard Top

The most attractive and recognizable feature of the boat is definitely the hydraulic hardtop roof made of carbon fibre and including side sliding doors, which is currently the best solution available on the market. The roof can be closed at a distance of up to 30 meters in less than 30 seconds, so that the boat is completely protected from all the external influences, such as rain, leaves and other dirt.

18-open-side entrances

Side Entrances

A special feature of our boat is surely the side entrance, which enables easy embarking and disembarking, while the additional permateek inserts on the deck not only give aesthetic value to the boat, but also ensure that both of the entrances stay undamaged. The entrance steps are also combined with extra cushions that can be used as an additional seating.

18-open-easy access

Easy Access

Moving around on the boat is easy because of its layout arrangement. The bathing platform is easy accessible and folding ladder in the back makes it even easier to access the platform after a refreshing dip in the water.

18-open-ergonomic seating

Ergonomic Seating

The spacious back of the cockpit resembles a real living room because of its quality seats that provide maximum comfort. For optimal experience, these seats can be adjusted with a specially designed mechanism, thus offering a wider seating area. The boat has multiple inbuilt shelves and other storage areas in the cockpit.



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